Get To Know E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs Campus

School Leadership

Kelly Foerg - Principal, Village Prep

Kelly Foerg joined the Preps family in 2012 as a Founding Intervention Specialist at Woodland Hills. Mrs. Foerg moved into coaching Special Ed and Title 1 Reading teachers at both the Woodland Hills and Cliffs campuses. In 2015, she became Director of Curriculum for Village Prep Cliffs with a focus on literacy. She is excited to move into the role of Principal and continue to build on her team and scholars growth. Prior to working with the Preps, Mrs. Foerg has taught 5th grade, high school special education, and was an After School Coordinator.

Mrs. Foerg lives with her husband, Tim, and her daughter, Katherine. Her son, Jeff, lives in St. Louis and her daughter, Courtney, attends BGSU.


Marc Johnson - Principal, E Prep

Marc Johnson joins E Prep Cliffs as the new Principal for the 2019-20 school year. Going into his 10th year at E Prep, he has been a teacher, coach, Associate Dean, and Dean of Scholars for The Preps.

Over the last 3 years, Mr. Johnson as successfully completed the Building Excellent Schools and LeadDiversity leadership programs, and most recently his Principal Residency with Breakthrough Schools.

He is passionate in leading both staff and scholars in best practices and decision making, in relentless pursuit of providing the best education for our scholars. In his free time, Mr. Johnson enjoys spending time with his wife, Cassidy, who is a Physician Assistant with Cleveland Clinic, and their daughter, Sienna.

Grades Served

Village & E Prep Cliffs is an elementary and middle school serving students in grades K - 8

Application & Enrollment Policies

Enrollment in our school is open to all students in grades K-8. No matter your situation, we would love to welcome your family to our community! Please find below links to our application and enrollment policies, as well as our Enrollment Application.

School Materials and Supplies

We do not have any school supply fee, but do have a school supply list for families. If for any reason a parent or family is not able to provide these supplies, we have supports available to make sure this is not a barrier to attending our school.

Parent & Family Volunteering

We encourage parent and family volunteering in our school! This is not mandatory, but if you would like to learn more about our Parent & Family Volunteer opportunities please read see more detail in our Policies section. Thank you!

Parent Student and Foster Caregiver Involvement Policies

Our Board

We are so thankful for our dedicated group of volunteer board members. Please find below our full board list and board calendar.

If you would like to speak to a board member, please call the following number and the Board President will contact you shortly: (216) 302-0557.

Public Notice

This school year, in accordance with federal guidance, E Prep Cliffs has been asked by the Ohio Department of Education to modify the manner in which student meals are distributed and counted, and the manner and timeline in which school information is reported to the state. Under the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, 42 U.S.C. 1760(l), the USDA has the authority to waive requirements for State agencies or eligible service providers under certain circumstances, and we believe it is in the School’s best interest to retain consistent practices. For these reasons, E Prep Cliffs hereby offers this public notice of its intent to request a waiver of these reporting requirements and timelines. For more information regarding this proposed waiver, please contact Megan Johnston at


Mission & Vision

The Prep Schools mission is to seek to provide a high quality, academically rigorous education for the college bound scholar. We empower our scholars to think critically, assume social responsibility, and serve as advocates for themselves and the community. We achieve these goals with in a highly focused, structured and safe environment. We, as a community of educators, families and scholars work relentlessly to ensure that every child is prepared to succeed in a competitive world.

The Prep Schools vision is that children in every neighborhood in Cleveland have access to at least one outstanding preparatory school. Our role in this vision is to open eight Prep schools through Cleveland. We presently have four Prep schools, and will open an additional four schools by 2020.

Innovative Academic Program

Our E Prep Middle School Approach

Our E Prep middle schools are very intentional about setting a culture marked by high expectations and no excuses.  Every student can achieve and every teacher and administrator models relentlessness in this pursuit.

Our Village Prep School Approach

Our Village Prep elementary schools are a very focused environment for our young scholars. Teachers are passionate and committed, and every minute is used to the fullest. Village Prep’s two teacher model divides the class into small groups of 5-10 scholars to provide targeted, differentiated instruction. We use adaptive computer based programming to target skills in an engaging and fun way. A balanced curriculum that features Guided Reading, Reading Comprehension, Phonics, Writing, Math Fluency and Math Problem Solving as well as enrichment classes of Physical Education, Art, and Technology.

School History

Our E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs Campus offers high-performing, college preparatory, tuition-free public charter schools open to all students and families. E Prep — our founding school — opened in 2006, and Village Prep opened in 2009. Our Cliffs Campus is led by Village Prep Head of School Dr. Randy Yates and E Prep Head of School Marc Johnson.

Academic Results

We are proud of our students' most recent accomplishments on the Ohio Department of Education exams. As part of Breakthrough Schools, we are ranked #11 nationally in reading, #16 nationally in math, and #1 overall in Ohio in the latest study by Stanford University. You can find our full school report card on the ODE website here.


It is always our goal to reach the whole child, and we strive for a balance of athletic and non-athletic after school extracurriculars. For example, extracurriculars include:

  • Boys/Girls Basketball
  • Tutoring
  • Geography bee
  • Cheerleading
  • Prep Loyalty Step team
  • Urban squash

Dress Code & School Uniforms

Village Prep Uniform

K-4th Grades
Blue Preps Polo (Purchased at School Belles)

E Prep Uniform

5th-7th Grades
Green Preps Polo (Purchased at School Belles)

8th Grade Uniform

8th Grade
Black Preps Polo (Purchased at School Belles)

Note: All shirts can be long or short sleeved

Scholars in any grade can wear a Preps Pullover

  • Girls: Plaid skirt or plaid jumper (green or blue) or black pants
  • Boys: Black Pants
  • Kindergarteners can wear elastic pants without a belt
  • Belts: Black belt for all 1st - 8th Graders
  • Shoes: Black dress shoes